Insight into Audi TTS Models

Audi TTS is available in two body styles – the TTS Coupe and TTS roadster.

The latest version in the TTS has received many modifications and a larger turbocharger engine.

New TTS version comes with standard adaptive shock absorber technology as well as high performance braking system, giving you the best of both worlds.

Let’s glance through various generations of Audi TT-S, before taking a better look at the latest TTS.
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2008 TTS

2008 TTS model is powered by a high-performance engine that delivers maximum output.
2011 Audi TTS

2008 version was offered with a 2.0-L turbo direct-injection engine, capable of developing 280-hp, and optional 3.2-liter V-6 engine with greater output.
2008 Audi TTS
The standard equipments in the 2008 TTS include –

  • adaptive magnetic shocks,
  • Quattro drive, and
  • finally a 6-speed manual transmission.

The direct shift gear box is not equipped on new TTS version.

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2009 TTS

2009 TTS is is available as 2+2 coupe as well as 2-seater convertible.

New Audi TTS RoadsterThe base trim in the 2009 version comes with standard 18-inch alloy wheels, automatically retractable spoiler, xenon headlights, front sport seats that can be adjusted manually.

The appearance of 2009 model is a bit muscular. The body is manufactured with steel and aluminum. The coupe version in the lineup weighs nearly 1395 kilograms, whereas the roadster version in the lineup weighs 1455 kilograms. The coupe version and roadster model measures 6.04 ft wide and 13.77 ft long.

The roadster and coupe measure 13.77 ft long and 6.04 ft wide. The roadster also has a hardtop, which can be opened and closed in just 12 seconds.

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2010 TTS

2010 TTS acquires unique Bauhaus styling with company’s present advanced technology and contemporary design theme. The space frame for coupe comprises of 69% of aluminum and 31% of steel.
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All the 2010 TTS models are powered by 265-hp turbocharged direct-injection 2.0-L engine that has 4-cylinder mated to 6-speed automatic S-tronic transmission.

The all-wheel drive system in the TTS is customized for quicker response time. The unique body treatment in the vehicle includes black brake calipers and 18” wheels that provide the visual differentiation from the base model.

Audi TTS 2010 Roadster

The safety features in the Audi TTS 2010 edition include –

• side, front and knee airbags,

• tire pressure monitoring system,

• four wheel anti-lock brakes,

• traction control, and

• stability control system.

The Premium Plus package for 2010 has been dropped, while Bluetooth has been included as a standard equipment.

Audi TTS 0-60 Time

2010 Audi TTS model can sprint zero to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds, which is fairly close to 0-60 time of Porsche Cayman of 4.4 seconds.

Audi TTS 0-60 time has however gone up to 5.2 seconds in case of latest 2011-2012 model, but we’ve learned that 2013 TTS edition might have a better 0-60 time.

2011 Audi TTS interiors

2011 TTS Facelift

2011 audi tts

The coupe version is the second fastest coupe in Audi’s lineup . It is engineered with TFSI technology and with an S-tronic auto-transmission, which will allow it to achieve an amazing gas mileage of 29 MPG on highways.

Additionally, the interiors are also also be revamped, giving it a sophisticated look, and improve its refinement too. So, keep an eye on the new TTS as it hits the market in few months time!

2012 TTS Highlights

For 2012, TTS literally thrashes the regular TT variant in terms of overall performance; however, it still falls well short to gain a true sports vehicle status when measured up as opposed to comparable Porsche vehicles.

2012 audi tts

In general, it has returned almost unchanged from the previous 2011 model year, since the new changes are hardly noticeable. It again goes head to head with many of the similarly equipped models, including Porsche Boxster, Cayman, BMW Z4, Nissan 370Z, and BMW 135i.

Technically, the German automaker really hasn’t made any drastic changes to the 2012 edition, and it has come powered by the same engine, producing the same output stats.

2013 TTS Updates

To be precise, exterior body styling is one particular aspect that actually sets the latest 2013 TTS well apart from the other new sporty convertibles, and coupes in the market that offer more interior room, sharper performance or stronger value.

2012 audi tts

As expected, when it comes to performance and price, the latest TTS edition positions itself in the middle of the TT family. Packed with some compelling performance stats, the 2013 model is arguably the top pick in the group.
Compared to 2012 edition, the only obvious change in case of the 2013 edition is a slight price hike i.e. $350 each on both coupe and convertible variants.

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Audi TTS Coupe

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New TTS Coupe

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TTS Roadster

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